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Crashing Waves and Howling Wind- A Couples Session

I love the ocean. I hope to live by one some day, though for now I will buy the plane ticket every few months to sit on one. Sounds silly, but the ocean makes me feel alive. Luke and Alisha, sprinting down the pacific coast with hair whipping in every direction felt very much alive and so did I with a camera in hand and my toes in the sand witnessing a love that felt like two sixteen year olds without a care in the world.

This is one of my favorite sessions I have photographed to date. You may be wondering why and it is because how I felt in that moment. I look back at this session and the first word that comes to mind is "free". In that moment I felt free. These photos look freeing to me. The wind howling, waves crashing, and the temperature not much over 60 degrees I felt free- alive. A feeling that is a favorite of mine and that I often chase.

If you caught what I said above, it was only a little over 60 degrees this evening. AND as many of you know the pacific ocean is not warm especially in February so the breeze was COLD. Alisha was a troop in her bikini top, haha. Alisha and Luke come surf often through out all seasons of the year and said it wasn't too bad considering the water is typically freezing.

Alisha and Luke are your couple that you envision being in a movie. The girl: vibrant, outgoing, and joyful. The guy more kept to himself, observant, and introverted. Together making the perfect pair: electric, fun, and down for a good time.

Enjoy several of my favorite snaps from the rest of their chilly session in Morro Bay, California.

Heavy breathed, cold noses, and wet feet- wrapped up in each other's arms as the sun set below the horizon.

Luke and Alisha- electric, cheerful, and down for a good time.

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