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The Ultimate Win- A Summer Wedding

Some wedding days I begin with photographing the ladies getting ready, or sometimes the first look, or maybe even some of the special details. This wedding day started with photographing a "game day" themed entrance for the guys. I knew it would be a good day with good people.

It was the perfect day for a summer wedding. Not a cloud in sight and 90 degrees. When I photographed Nicole and Joel's engagements back in December I knew we were going to get along great- I was super excited to join all of their friends and family to celebrate such an awesome couple.

After walking up the hill, I arrived at the ladies suite. They did not do a "game day" entrance like the guys, but they were just as fun. I grabbed all of Nicole's little details and pretended to be a fly on the wall for a few hours. I have too many favorite parts of a wedding day, but I really enjoy the getting ready process. There are so many sweet moments.

Nicole and Joel decided to do not only a first look, but private vows before the first look. I loved this. The nerves were already present before sitting back to back for their private vows, but the nerves grew as each word was read from their vow books. If you are a bride contemplating a first look try private vows! You still get such a sweet intimate moment with your spouse and they don't have to see you. It is a time you get to talk with one another and literally soak in only their presence. This can ease nerves and if it is a stressful morning, being in your person's presence may make it all better!

Now, let's get this show on the road.

We snuck off for some individuals at sunset then we were back again ready to PARTYYYY!!!

Here is to THE ASHOR'S!!!! Joel definitely played a great game and took home a BIG W.

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