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An Elopement in The Rocky Mountains

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Driving south from Salt Lake City, Utah my couple, Sam and Lizzie, and I were headed to Moab. Sam and Lizzie were going to elope among the red rocks until we were sitting in stand still traffic. After an hour of no movement and no sign of any movement soon, we decided to take the risk and turn around. Sam and Lizzie still had their heart set on getting married that day, so we did just that.

Me not being from Utah, my thumbs were typing fast to find a trail or something near that would be just as awesome. We settled for the mountains in the backyard of Salt Lake City and were unsure of where exactly, but we decided to drive up the mountain and hope for the best. As we gained altitude the leaves grew in color. It was fall in Utah and the prime time for changing leaves in the mountains. Neon yellow, orange, and red. Some of the prettiest and most vibrant leaves I have ever seen in my life. The sun was slowly beginning to set, but thankfully that was my only concern. I knew everything was going to turn out alright seeing the color of the leaves.

After several hours in the car, we pulled over. Chilly, crisp mountain air. We made our way into the mountains and were surround by breath taking views and thousands of leaves painted in color.

Thank you Jesus. I have no clue how we got so lucky.


This was our default plan and it was incredible. Sam and Lizzie eloped right here and I am so glad everything happened the way it did.

Sam and Lizzie were set on getting married this day. Their love for each other could easily be seen. They were willing to try a different place even though they will elope once, but love was stronger. Where or why or how or what ultimately doesn't matter, but who. I know, it sounds cheesy!

When wedding days are running behind, I always tell my bride that it does not matter. The show will not go on unless you are there. Your wedding day is about you and your spouse and unfortunately that is sometimes lost. Wedding planning is stressful, your family and friends can be stressful, your wedding day can be stressful, but love is stronger. Let me say that one more time... love is stronger. Eloping is becoming more and more popular. Why spend $30,000 on one day when you can elope in another country for half the cost, shoot maybe even a third of the cost.

Have these photos convinced you to elope yet? If so, head over my to my contact page and let's get chatting.

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