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Adventure Wedding, Elopement, & Couples Photographer

Documentary photography has always been my thing since I picked up a DLSR in middle school. Early on I wanted to photograph for National Geographic or Compassion International to pursue documentary photography. Many years later I still have a heart for travel, but instead I am documenting some of people's best days. One day I  hope to be documenting people's stories in the mountains of the Dolomites or on the beaches of Bali. 

I started this business of mine back in high school photographing seniors. After lots of trial and error and photographing everything from sports to weddings, I found my niche! 

I am up for any adventure at any time as long as it includes coffee! I start all of my mornings with a pour over. If I had the choice and the time, all of my mornings would start at the beach with coffee in hand and a croissant rotating between my journal, my bible, and a book. 

Now, I want to hear about you: 

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A little more about me... 

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I LOVE the water! 

Most of my best memories were spent by a body of water, in the water, or with water in the background. I love the ocean and would love to live by one someday. 

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